Little Leaguer’s Elbow



“Little Leaguer’s elbow” (Medial Apophystis) affects players who throw repetitively. Throwing produces a valgus stress on the elbow. In children, repetitive stress may result in damage to the medial epicondylar epiphysis with pain and tenderness to this region. The young player feels pain at the bump on the inside of the elbow. “Little Leaguer’s elbow” can be serious if it becomes aggravated. Repeated pulling can tear ligaments and tendons away from the bone. The tearing may pull tiny bone fragments with it. This can disrupt normal bone growth, resulting in deformity.


Left untreated, throwing injuries in the elbow can become complicated conditions.

  • Immediate rest
  • Correcting throwing technique
  • Exercises to strengthen muscles
  • Surgery is occasionally necessary; physiotherapy can help rehabilitation