Calf Strain/Pain



Calf strain is a common injury in sports that involve sudden bursts of speed, such as football, hurling, and rugby. However, they also can happen during a simple walk, if your foot flexes upward when you step into a hole or if your heel slips off the edge of a curb. Both acute and chronic calf strain often stem from injury to the calf muscle. Calf pain is a common compliant and if it not managed appropriately it can persist for months or recur.

  • Past history of calf muscle injuries
  • Weak lower limb muscles
  • Decreased lower limb proprioception
  • Advancing age
  • Inadequate pre-exercise warm-up
  • Sudden change of direction/speed of movement

The treatment of calf injuries depends on the severity of the injury.

  • Therapeutic soft tissue techniques
  • Therapeutic exercises (strengthening, stretching)
  • Balance and proprioception exercises